As a lifeline to the greater Westchester area, Family Ties of Westchester, Inc. works to build stronger families and communities. Family Ties provides support and advocacy services to families in times of crisis and beyond. We believe in a family's ability to succeed and encourage them to tap into their own strengths and develop new skills. Family Ties works with families in relationships based on equality and respect. Together, staff and families identify resources that promote emotional wellness and encourage families to be resources not only to their own members, but to other families, programs, and communities.


Family Ties offers a wide range of support groups, advocacy services, parent coaching, and connection to community resources,  as well as respite and youth development opportunities. We recognize you, the caregiver, as a full partner in planning for your family's success based on your family's unique strengths and culture. The majority of our service staff have struggled, just like you, with their own children's challenges and have personal experience in accessing services and supports for their own families. We act as the family voice in a variety of meetings to ensure that families' thoughts and concerns are heard. All Family Ties services are free, confidential and community-based. We have a "never give up" philosophy and will be here to support you for as long as you need us.


  • Family Ties espouses a System of Care for children with emotional challenges that is family driven, child centered, culturally competent and focused on the strengths of the children and families involved.
  • All Family Ties services are free and confidential.
  • A year in residential treatment can cost $130,000 or more per person.
  • A day in a psychiatric hospital can cost about $1,000 per person.
  • It costs Family Ties about $1,000 per family for a year of services.
  • A day of Family Ties activities costs about $2.75 per family.
  • Family Ties has existed in Westchester for nearly 20 years and has grown from one small support group to a membership of over 2,000 families strong.
  • Most Family Ties staff have experience navigating service systems for their own families.
  • Family Ties is affiliated with the National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health and Families Together in New York State.